Fixing the Problems of Our World

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Yes, with all that estate capital pouring into mega-bureaucracies, corruption is inevitable, avarice being what it is—and any kind of wealth-distributing fund potentially sets up a communist government on a pandemic scale.
That people will also find other ways to control resources and manipulate power doesn’t change the fact that the automatic transfer of affluence and clout from generation to generation, usually within families, creates castes, underclasses, slaves, and refugees; it breeds a kind of profound resentment that graduates into institutionalized ignorance, wasted human potential, epidemic con artistry, and widespread self-condoned crime and bands of brigands; it fosters disruptive and anarchic modes of reapportionment: gangs, wars, jihads, revolutions, terrorism.  It also provides incompetent rulers.

If guardianship of goods is inevitable, better to valorize a Polynesian “big man” or Mohawk chief who will give away his wealth generously.  Goods will not motivate him; his ambition and pleasure are to achieve a lofty stature wherein the most powerful are expected to be the poorest in terms of material goods.

Opulence is merely a code anyway, a series of signs to which everyone assents.  Money is a symbolic place-holder, a version of “the Emperor’s new clothes,” as neither gold nor other metallic standards or currencies have any intrinsic meaning or province in real value or function.  As dominant as money is today, it can be dropped without the Earth’s atmosphere or oceans recording motion or the gravitational field flinching one iota. 

If people don’t even think to vouchsafe their assets to family and friends, if offspring have to start with clean slates, wind and water still get to play their game, living creatures still arrive to seek their destinies. 

2. You can’t turn all a planet’s rivers, seas, and oceans heedlessly into garbage dumps and sewers.  Cumulatively over time, there is going to be no fluid capable of breeding and supporting life.  It took water billions of years to filter its toxins and radioactivity and become an alchemical matrix—check out Titan or Venus for something resembling the starting point.  All the shit and rust and grease and discarded pharmaceuticals and industrials can’t just mix willy-nilly into a tea or the result will be not only noxious but sterile.  Right now the amount of water is huge compared to its contamination, but the brew is slowly thickening.
New Orleans should have been sealed off and quarantined to dry out in the sun.  Pumping back that water, bearing the chemicals of factories, garages, attics, and dumps, took at least 250 years off the life of the Gulf of Mexico.

(A less ecological but more socially practical alternative: in the months after the next “Katrina,” the nation should invite not just a few, but all the students on spring break, to secure and then scour the mess, grime pool by grime pool, nail by rusty nail, sheet rock by slab of moldy sheet rock.  Let them party big-time after serving humanity big-time.  It will feel good in a way that nothing since Iwo Jima has, not only to them but all Americans.  There will be less drunken foolishness, and, one way or another, egotistic lunkheads will morph into planetary citizens.) 

3. Population must be regulated, though not by the draconian bureraucratic model of criminalizing “extra” children and slaying infant girls.  On a psychic level it is dangerous to restrain progeny and push spirits out of a world.  It is more effective to address population regionally, requiring communities to be responsible for their young collectively. 

Getting zero population growth to work is a tall order, but the alternative is to chew the planet to a nubbin or run a global police state.  I suppose bird flu, contaminated sperms, or full-scale global jihad might depopulate humanity too; but it’s either one of those or a Malthusian spiral unless we solve the problem in-house. 

ZPG requires more equitable distribution of resources than the present free-for-all.  If you leave people with nothing else, they will have children, for this at least provides them with blood allies, workers, and soldiers, as well as someone to take care of them when they are infirm and old. 

We should entertain the disincarnate world on environmentally sustainable terms.  Everyone can’t get a body on demand.  The Milky Way is huge, and there are untold numbers of Milky Ways.  Spirits can hie elsewhere for now, unless the point is to overpopulate this place and then blow it into the next dimension like a runaway bus.

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