Fixing the Problems of Our World

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Salmon-fishermen and loggers in the Northwest spent five days in 2005 in powwow, talking past each other, but at least they were talking.  We should start with words instead of weapons, but it is going to take a lot more than words.  Reason always runs into rationalizations and counterarguments.  Change—lasting change—finally comes, usually when it is least expected, from the heart. 

17. The world must exist for some reason, innately and energetically, and certainly psychically—it is not about the accumulation of goods.  In that sense and that alone, the Rapture is what we are moving toward—not as Ascension or the Second Coming, but the ineluctable destiny of mind in matter.  This entire cinema projected in molecules is coming from somewhere, and we are either its lens or its dreamer.

There are no country clubs in the sky or male-privilege paradises.  How would such a place function anyway?  Over eternity, all stasis turns into hell. 

Quick, warn the mullahs and preachers: stasis is hell.  You don’t want those paradises you are hawking.

18. As badly as things are going here now, it is an honor to be part of it; that is, to be in a body.  In the great experiment of the universe to stream into matter and live out its primeval dramas, we are here, among them, on board. 

In the long run, the simple fact of placing spirits in bodies on worlds will win.  There is no other way for things to unfold.  Once creation got going in this fashion, ninety percent of the battle was over, though the rest of it will stretch over billions of years of the illusion we call “time,” and it will be a cliffhanger all the way because that’s what spirit in matter needs to encounter in becoming itself.

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