Rising Into The Global Power of ((Prayer))

On Global Peace Meditation Day, Sunday, May 20, 2007, thousands will gather at 12 locations to pray and meditate for world-peace. The occasion that will be monitored by Princeton University’s Global Consciousness Project, which uses random-number generating computers to measure the field effects of massed human intention. Here the eminent global philosopher Ashok Gangadean encourages us to boost our prayer by liberating it from the ego’s conceits . Read More

Ashok Gangadean

To realize the Global Power of Prayer it is vital to cross into the expanded open sacred space that is the source and common ground of all our diverse worldviews and forms of life.  When we enter this higher dimension through the global lens and awaken global consciousness through global wisdom we recognize that the collective wisdom of humanity through the ages has taught us that we ARE as we mind- that we co-create our selves and our world through the technology of consciousness.  This global wisdom makes clear that when we live and conduct our lives through the egomental mind and speech we generate a world that is polarized, fragmented, oppositional and hence pathological.  By contract, our global wisdom has taught that when we rise into an integral, holistic and dialogical pattern of consciousness we come into deep connectivity and communion with the Infinite Presence that always surrounds us in every breath. 

Our Global Wisdom teaches that there is an Infinite Force that is the ground and source of all life and existence, whether we call IT- Tao, Aum, Yahweh, Allah, Christ, Sunyata, Brahman, Energy, Cosmos, God, Nature, Universe…This Wisdom shows us that whether we believe in “God” or not, every human, all beings, are inherently situated within the Holistic Unified Field of this sacred Energy, and when we are cut off from IT we are invariably lodged in all kinds of individual and collective pathologies and dysfunctions. 

By contrast, when we rise into a more mature and awakened pattern of integral, holistic and dialogic global consciousness we flourish in well being and realize our true awakened sacred individuality and connection with others and with the ecology.  The contrast between these two technologies of consciousness needs to be explicitly marked to constantly teach and remind us whether we are in the egomental mind or crossing into the awakened integral and holistic practice of consciousness. 

And this is the key to releasing the higher global power of Prayer:  when we are in the /egomental/ pattern of mind let us mark it with /…/ quotes, and when we cross into the awakened sacred space of ((integral consciousness)) let us mark it with ((…)) – holistic quotes. This helps us to see the difference between /Prayer/  and ((Prayer)). 
So “who” is praying and the quality of ((consciousness)) and ((speech)) is all-important in releasing the true ((power of Prayer)) – when we pray from the /egomental self/ and use /egomental speech/ we are not engaging in genuine ((Prayer));
but when we mindfully cross into the ((awakened mind)) and engage in the higher transformative power of ((Prayer)) we come into deep connectivity and communion with the Infinite Presence that always surrounds us.  There is a world of difference between /Prayer/  and ((Prayer))

When we enter ((Prayer)) we transform our Self and our Ecology- we transform our world.  This is because everything is deeply inter-connected in the Holistic Field of Presence.  So genuine ((Prayer)) taps the boundless Power of this Unified Field and each of us comes to full empowerment – the ((butterfly cause)) – and can make a profound difference in healing our Selves, Others, and the Planet.  Entering this awakened and mindful ((Speech)) is the key to the emerging global civilization and rising together in a compassionate Culture of Peace wherein the entire ((human family)) may flourish together with ((Sacred Earth)).  This is the ((Global Power of Prayer)).

II) My message to all global citizens is that as we now enter this great evolutionary shift and mature as ((Humans)) it is vital to become mindful of the difference between /Prayer/ and ((Prayer)), and to realize that as we rise together into a mindful and awakened ((Life)), every act, every breath is a ((Prayer)).  And we can ((heal the world)).  Thus entering into mindful ((Prayer)) is powerfully ((transformative)) as it lifts us from /egomental life/ into awakened ((Self)) realization.

Ashok Gangadean is a Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Haverford College.
He is the Founder-Director of the Global Dialogue Institute and Co-Convenor of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality. You can learn more about him and his work at: http://www.awakeningmind.org.





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