Daniel Sheehan’s Riveting Legal Memoir Is a Real Education

One of the most storied civil liberties attorneys of our time, Daniel Sheehan’s riveting memoir, The People’s Advocate, reveals the hard work, intense opposition from public officials, and even physical danger faced by those who go to the mat for the rest us. His book is much more than a great entertainment. It is essential education for anyone who wants to understand the tasks and trials confronting the American people today.

by Dan Hamburgimage
November 03 2013

“The Fissure of Humanity”

by Gerald Heard

image A key figure in the small group of British expatriate literary Vedantans who settled in Los Angeles after World War II, Gerald Heard’s psycho-histories of civilization outclassed those of Toynbee and Spengler. In this brief excerpt from his book “The Human Venture,” he issues a prescient warning about the liabilities of all empires.

Peace Is Child’s Play

image Dr. O. Fred Donaldson travels the world to play with children, adults, and even all kinds of non-human creatures (including wolves!). The mission of his extraordinary explorations of our mundane pastime? Nothing less than peace.

by O. Fred Donaldson, Ph.D.

Thoughts on the Virginia Tech Shootings

image In this excerpt from his forthcoming book, “Bardo of Waking Life,” Richard Grossinger surfaces the uninspected context and meanings of America’s latest mass killing.

by Richard Grossinger

Three Good Ways to Answer the Islamic Jihad

No one has done more to keep the alchemical flame well-lit in American letters than the prolific publisher and author Richard Grossinger. His most recent book, “On the Integration of Nature: Post-9/11 Biopolitical Notes,” is an occasionally whimsical, often profound, and always engaging collection of observations, reflections, reviews, memoirs, recommendations, quips, and asides that ably put his talents on display. DharmaCafe is pleased to offer the first of three brief excerpts from one of America’s most important (and unjustly neglected) writers.

by Richard Grossingerimage

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