Steve Jobs Understood Something About Emotions That The Green Movement Too Often Ignores

Going through all the Steve Jobs commentary this morning I came across actor-comedian-proud technophile Stephen Fry’s commentary on BBC News. Fry and Jobs have apparently been friends for a while and the whole thing is worth a listen.

But there’s one passage that really jumps out at me as being something the environmental community, particularly those involved in politics and those trying to motivate people to become more environmentally aware, should pay close attention to.

Fry says,

  Steve Jobs has always understood that, as human beings, our first relationship with anything is an emotional one. ... A device isn’t just a sum of its functions; it’s something that should make you smile, you should cradle, you should love, you should have an emotional relationship with. If people think that’s pretentious, then, in a sense, the success of Apple proves how wrong they are.

The environmental connection in that: From my perspective it all too often seems like the environmental community, when trying to convince people of the benefits of preserving this ecosystem or that, of switching to renewable energy, of the urgent need to combat climate change, of reducing resource consumption, ignores the truth that Fry points out Jobs understands so well.  Read Article

By Matthew McDermott
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