Natural Female Posture is Whole Woman™ Posture

It is a true marvel for women of our time to have lived to see the rise and fall of pelvic reconstructive surgery for the common conditions of prolapse and incontinence. While the fall is nowhere near complete, it is clear that old institutions are slowly crumbling under the new paradigm of wholeness and the stability of natural female design.

Taking the place of the traditionally male role of surgical “correction” of prolapse and incontinence are postural systems created exclusively by women. Several women have developed an understanding of the critical relationship between pelvic organ support and spinal alignment, and are pioneering a conscious return to more natural human posture.

While these researchers herald a new age in the treatment of chronic pelvic and back disorders, there remains the unresolved issue of what exactly constitutes natural human posture. I would like to illustrate why I believe Whole Woman™ posture is the only truly natural human posture yet described. Clarifying this distinction is essential as we move ever closer to a worldwide teachable field of postural health for women with disorders of pelvic organ support.

We must begin by understanding that the fundamental problem of universal design or evolutionary purpose has always been about how land animals regulate the forces of intra-abdominal pressure. Arguments about pelvic organ support have always revolved around this elemental dynamic since Paramore1 and Keith2 first described the evolution of the pelvis.  Read Article

By Christine Kent
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