Monster mania

Five years ago this summer, the attention of the world focused on the farm fields of Clarence—for one big, hairy reason.


Hans J. Mobius, a Clarence farmer and horseman, claimed he saw a hulking apelike creature while out working on his 100-acre farm. He supplied photos as proof. Remember those images of a furry black monster standing next to Mobius’ John Deere Gator?

For a moment, monster-hunters around the globe turned their attention to Western New York.

Now, five years later, the excitement has largely died down. Mobius said he still gets inquiries about his Bigfoot sighting—but not nearly as much as when it first happened.

“It went around the world. I had people from Australia calling me, from all over the world,” Mobius said. “There are people that are very interested. They believe there is a sasquatch around. They wanted to see my property.”

“I kind of liked the activity,” he said. “It’s quiet out here.”

Today Mobius maintains he doesn’t know—or even much care—whether that was Bigfoot he saw five summers ago, or a creatively dressed prankster.

“If it was real, I really saw one,” he said, matter-of-factly. “And if it wasn’t—it wasn’t.”

But one thing is certain: His experience with the “Clarence Bigfoot” is not out of the ordinary for Western New York.  Read Article

By Charity Vogel
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