As Bigfoot, Sasquatch or N.J.‘s Big Red Eye, it’s the stuff of legends, hunts, nightmares

SUSSEX COUNTY — After the sun dips behind the mountains in northwestern New Jersey, creatures begin their nightly symphony of mysterious sounds.

Foxes scream like Alfred Hitchcock vixens while bobcats snarl in attack mode. Stalking bears add percussive snaps of twigs and owls hooting haunt the treetops. Predators and prey all contribute to the chorus of caterwauls and death moans.

Locals are accustomed to the din, but on occasion, folks hear yowls and shrieks so eerie, they insist the source is supernatural. A shadowy figure with a booming voice and glowing crimson eyes sneaks around the trees, so say those who claim to have seen the creature.

Tall, dark and ghastly, he is Sussex County’s own very own Sasquatch.

His North Jersey nickname is Big Red Eye.

“I’ve spent my whole life in the woods and I’ve never heard anything like it,” recalls retired ranger Tom Card, 56, of Wantage. He says he encountered the creature at High Point State Park during the 1970s.  Read Article

By Lisa Rose
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