Continuous Creation from Electric Plasma versus Big Bang Universe

The Big Bang Universe, 95% unobservable in hypothetical dark matter and dark energy, is giving way to one alive with electric plasma currents accumulating mass and transferring energy over galactic and intergalactic space in a cosmic extravaganza of constant creation

by Bill Stranger on November 11 2013

The Mysticism of Space

The physical universe is thus no more than a dance of energy spun out of the space that defines it. It seems that the scientists have verified this at a deeply fundamental level. What they have as yet been unable to determine is the source of the energy that keeps it going.

by Bill Stranger [September 23 2011]

Ancient Physics, Modern Myths: Paul LaViolette’s Pathbreaking “Genesis of the Cosmos”

For those who are open to a new and unfamiliar theory of microphysics, an unusual understanding of cosmogenesis, a serious consideration of a host of conventionally-red-flagged, status-quo-tabooed, lunatic-fringe topics (including ancient metaphysics, the Tarot, astrology, Atlantis, and the I Ching), a comprehensive and alarmingly specific correlation of subquantum physics with ancient creation myths, and an across-the-board, no-holds-barred rejection of every significant tenet of twentieth century relativistic cosmology, there is probably no better place to begin.

by Bill Stranger [August 22 2007]
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