Richard Grossinger: The DharmaCafe Interview

On the occasion of his monumental three-volume work on psychic science and consciousness, we sit down for a long overdue conversation with the co-founder of North Atlantic Books.

by Bill Stranger on December 23 2013

“Why haven’t we seen a picture of the whole mind yet?”:  Positive Possibilities for Psychedelics

imageIf the recent hit movie It’s Complicated and the spate of legalization initiatives queuing up in California are any indication, pot has finally achieved mainstream respectability. More remarkably, despite the unrelentingly repressive atmosphere that smothered the first decade of our brave new century, psychedelic research in America has entered its Golden Age. James Fadiman, perhaps America’s wisest and most respected authority on psychedelics and their use, gives us a valuable update.

by Bill Stranger [February 10 2010]

Lessons from Alchemy and Chaos Theory: Part II

Continuing our series of Robin Robertson’s “Lessons from Alchemy and Chaos Theory”, it is now time to be introduced to fractals.

by Bill Stranger [November 06 2007]

Lessons from Alchemy & Chaos Theory


DharmaCafe is pleased to present the first in a series of articles connecting the traditional and ancient science of alchemy to the new science of chaos theory written by mathematician, practicing Jungian psychologist, and life-long amateur magician Robin Robertson. Here Dr. Robertson overviews the entire series and introduces several fundamental alchemical principles.

by Bill Stranger [October 06 2007]
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