Here and now with Richard Odom

“Breathe in thinking, “My mind is strong.” Breathe out thinking, “My mind is at peace.”

If these words are familiar to you, then you are one of thousands of people who have attended a yoga class with Richard Odom. These words mark the end of every class Odom teaches. One of Odom’s students, an Army Special Forces soldier, says these words every time he has to jump out of an airplane.

Odom began teaching yoga in the Wood River Valley in the mid-1970s, long before it exploded in popularity. He provided early instruction to actress and author Mariel Hemingway, tennis pro John McEnroe and local yogi Ryan Redman.

“Keep breathing,” he said recently during a one-hour class at the Wood River YMCA. “If you are not breathing, you are not doing yoga. You may be doing something, but it’s not yoga.”  Read Article

By Tony Evans
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