More Than Apocalypse: The Deep Cultural Prophecy of Richard Grossinger’s “2013”

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Terence’s response, almost a half hour long, is critical to any
understanding of 2012. Here is its crux:

“Your statement that the Galactic Center is now transiting
the solsticial node rather than in 2012—that is the only thing in
what you laid out that I would disagree with. Here’s why. When
we say ‘the Galactic Center,’ it turns out that, when you turn
the lights on that concept, it’s extremely slippery. The Galaxy is
not a basketball. It has a center of mass, which we can’t determine
from where we are because we’re out on one limb-edge
of it. It has a center of luminosity. It has a volumetric center. I
mean, how do you in fact even define what the Galaxy is? At its
outer edges it feathers out into extragalactic space.

“Now what we’re arguing over here is a difference of twelve
years if we accept that premise that we’re trying to locate a
point in time where this conjunction of the Galactic Center
and the heliacal rising of the solsticial Sun occurs . . . . This is a
deep subject, very interesting; it raises issues of bioastronomy,
archaeoastronomy, galactic dynamics—complex issues.

“The Gregorian calendar is off-keyed the Mayan by twelve
years, but on a scale of a thousand years, that’s a difference of
.12 percent, and on a scale of a billion years, what is being off by
twelve years? On a scale of a million years, what is being off by
twelve years? You see, we’re such ephemeral creatures in time.
We’re like mayflies who only live for seven days. Our temporal
window of perception is so extreme.…

“We are at the end. The point is that something—the galactic
mind, the intelligence of the species, the integrated Gaian
and Galactic entelechy—something is trying to deliver a message.
It is writ large, this message, in our largest systems of defining
and understanding time. We are at the end of a cosmic cycle.

“The point is: we are there. We. Are. There. We are in parking
orbit around the eschaton.…

“We are pregnant with this eschatological breakthrough.…”
class=* * *“center”
As we look inward from our residence and birthplace in the
Galaxy’s outer wheel toward the core, the cosmic womb where
new stars are being born, we see more luminosity and intuit
more intelligence, more knowledge, more yogic exercises, more
collective psychic output—absolutely incredible stuff that we
could use if we were able to access it, perhaps telepathically in
some as-yet-unknown cosmic language.


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