More Than Apocalypse: The Deep Cultural Prophecy of Richard Grossinger’s “2013”

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Barring asteroidal cataclysm or extraterrestrial visitation,
nothing explicit will happen on December 21,2012.This assignation
is not a train-schedule sort of thing whereby a machine-
object arrives on tracks or we see “ships the size of Manitoba
hovering over the Oval Office,” to cite a facetious rendition by
psychedelic explorer Terence McKenna. Instead, it is a seed moment,
a signal for a gap in meaning and consciousness, a threshold
that has been gathering for a long time.

The spirit Savitrie tells us: “The future that is coming in is
vast and well-designed. Cosmic forces are behind it. Nobody
will be abandoned to sheer chaos. This is about world renewal
on the greatest possible scale.”

Who wouldn’t second this motion! But I am not looking for
indications of renewal externally and historically. I am looking
for a gateway inside—inside consciousness, inside DNA potential,
inside the zodiac. My book is not about what is going to
happen (or not) on December 21, 2012 or January 1, 2013 but
a 2013 context for what is already happening and has been happening
since the emergence of our species, the advent of life on
Earth, and the creation of this universe—impossibly big venues
that cannot be queried but that mark abysses we must explore.

I am asking: What is loaded into us, what is inescapable because
it is intrinsic (come hell or high water), and what can
we expect our fortune and ordination to be, given the actual
capacities we have, the real obstacles we face, and the cards that
have already been drawn?

The Earth has been receiving transformative vibrations since
Atlantis and Lemuria and other unnamed prior worlds, or what
they stand for. From the pre-Cambrian to the Jurassic, through
the Stone and Industrial Ages into the Cybernetic Age—all
fancier Stone Ages—the microcosm has been germinating, as
it emerges from the hunt of the beast and the eternal moon to
the lighting of the Labyrinth and the City. One day, we expect
the Universal Peacekeepers, Serene Lamas, and Enlightened
Masters, which means the physics of love (Heart Chakra expansion),
the meta-biology of cell talk (Throat Chakra opening),
and a new politics of compassion and generosity (elevation into
the Buddhic Plane). This is a project launched incomprehensibly
long ago inside primordial bacterial cells and interpolated
into the tissues and organs of multicellular animals.

Though we are not anywhere near apotheosis yet, in subliminal
and unconscious ways human consciousness has been ripening
over a long midsummer night’s Dreamtime. For reasons that
transcend any culture or system of time, on Earth or any other
planet, the universe is working the infinitesimalized pulleys and
gears of a giant metaphysical clock. Enter the Mayan calendar.

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