More Than Apocalypse: The Deep Cultural Prophecy of Richard Grossinger’s “2013”

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Now that we have been suitably flattered and frightened by the purportedly Mayan deus ex machina of 2012, it is high time we rejected its myth of hardwired inevitabilities. In his latest book, “2013”, Richard Grossinger, America’s great unsung cultural prophet, melds his personal explorations and cosmic reflections to elevate prophecy to a more serving and liberating role.

Richard Grossingerimage

I named my book 2013 to acknowledge and get beyond
2012. If 2012 is the smoke-hole to a New Earth, 2013 is the
gathering of the tribe on its other side, the first baby step in a
new universe. Even when subverted into a line of pricey Mayan
clothing by Elijah Sound and the AD 2013 crowd—an echelon
of charismatic young models, electronic music, and hydroponic
communes—the image itself is a carrier wave for a hinge in

Human behavior is not working out all that well these days
for our planet. In fact, things can’t go on much longer this way.
Business as usual is over, and so is Francis Fukuyama with his
cavalier canceling of history. Either we recognize a vaster universe
or we fall out of civilization into chaos and strife without
end. While I don’t foresee international cooperation at the
governmental level with regard to impending climate change,
let alone global satori, I do think we have begun to quitclaim
a one-sided and myopic paradigm. The increasing ranges of adjunct
cruelty, violence, and the spreading banalities of evil are
perhaps not the most auspicious harbinger of good times ahead,
but it is worth considering that the membrane is hardening and
cracking before releasing its chrysalis. The grim stuff then is our
static, resistant part, the sinew that also gives life its structure
and presence within the planetary root.

Each dream to be dreamed, each Dreamtime to be lived out,
casts a nightmare and a shadow that makes it whole. Pure physics.
We emerge from each crisis transformed—the deeper the
crisis, the more profound the transformation. This is a big crisis
indeed, so we expect a comparable paradigm shift. We intuit
big gods and big winds, but instead we may encounter something
more subtle, something homeopathic and deep-acting.

In principle, we don’t have to be this rigidly stuck in a method
of being. Our downloads are all frangible and replaceable.
We are made of sub-atomic particles and psychic energy fields,
both of which are doing incredible, unacknowledged things all
the time, and, as whimsical and bourgeois as it sounds, we are
capable of pretty much anything. Blundering giants in our survival
patterns and civic activities, framers of disingenuous détentes,
we are composed at every other latency by nonlinear
forces and unbounded intelligence.

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