Louis Dupré: The DharmaCafé Interview

Louis Dupré from DharmaCafe.com on Vimeo.

DharmaCafé interviews Louis Dupré, a brilliant and enormously learned Catholic cultural historian and philosopher of religion with a soul deep enough to write respectfully on the likes of Marx and the Romantics and to conclude his anthology of Christian mysticism, “Light from Light”, with selections from a monk named “Abhishiktananda”.

by William Stranger

More Than Apocalypse: The Deep Cultural Prophecy of Richard Grossinger’s “2013”

Now that we have been suitably flattered and frightened by the purportedly Mayan deus ex machina of 2012, it is high time we rejected its myth of hardwired inevitabilities. In his latest book, “2013”, Richard Grossinger, America’s great unsung cultural prophet, melds his personal explorations and cosmic reflections to elevate prophecy to a more serving and liberating role.

by Bill Stranger [May 23 2010]

Ego-Death and the Illusion of The Sixties

image Now that Buddhism has gone mainstream, the ancient call to renunciation pretty well dropped off the map. But back in the edgy, apocalyptic sixties the name of the game was ego-death.

by Bill Stranger [March 18 2010]

What’s So Positive About “Positive” Law?

imageIn his review of Stephen D. Smith’s “Law’s Quandary,” Daniel Sheehan, one of America’s leading Constitutional lawyers, asks why the author stopped before the job was done.

by Bill Stranger [September 21 2009]
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