On a Throne Made of Vanishing Ink

by Allen Ginsberg

image His iconic poetry stamped the beat generation and helped open the door to the psychedelic sixties. This immortal paen to beauty suggests that the late, great bard may have been even better at prose.

“Tacit Glimpses”: A Review of Adi Da Samraj’s “Transcendental Realism” and “Aesthetic Ecstasy”

by Celia Rabinovitch

At last year’s Venice Biennale and this year’s Winter in Florence exhibitions, Adi Da Samraj’s monumentally sized images have drawn both media praise and a rapturous public response. Art historian, art critic, and practicing artist Celia Rabinovitch assesses his recent essays on aesthetics.

Image: The Pastimes of Narcissus I, 2006 (from Spectra One)


Postmortem on Postmodern Art

by Wayne Owensimage

Donald Kuspit’s withering critique of postmodern art,  “The End of Art,” surgically exposes the mocking, entropic cynicism that has ravaged this creative ethic for decades. It is also an inspired defense of the great aesthetic formally known as “high art”.

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